Flying Up and Away: Flight 2

Belgrade, Serbia to Abu Dhabi

Arrived: 16:10 UK Time, 17:10 Belgrade Time

Boarded: 21:55 UK Time, 22:55 Belgrade Time

Departed: 22:55 UK Time, 23:55 Belgrade


Serbia airport
Waiting in the airport

This was once of the hardest times on our way to Australia as we had a 7 hour wait in Serbia Nikolas Airport; a really tiny airport with a few shops and a single restaurant. Initially it wasn’t a problem at all and we were quite happy to be off the cramped plane for a while and watched some of the planes landing outside for a little while before finding somewhere to sit. Since we’d eaten in Heathrow and again on the plane, we weren’t particularly hungry to begin with and so instead we focussed on charging everything we had for the next flight. This was a lot easier said than done with there only being one plug socket and requiring European adapters but eventually it was all sorted and we sat down for a long, long wait. One good thing about the airport was that it had a limited amount of time of free wi-fi which meant that I was able to quickly speak to Tish and my mum and let them know we’d arrived safely. Annoyingly, it kept breaking up so Tish ended up saying she was going to go after about 10 times of us saying “hello?” and that was the end of that. Despite there being a limited amount of internet, it seemed to stick around but it was just not strong enough to ring people on. Grrrr.

Finally getting to leave
Finally getting to leave

After a couple of hours, which had passed surprisingly quickly, we decided we should eat as we weren’t expecting anything on the flight, that would have been too lucky. It was a long, long time until the next chance of food so off we went in search of something tasty. Oh dear. There was nothing really and everything in the shop was so ridiculously expensive  but I did get to meet a lego Harry Potter who was very polite yet somewhat awkward. In the end we settled on getting a sandwich or something from the expensive looking cafe-restaurant thing but looking at what currencies they accepted in the airport, we then hit another problem. They didn’t accept GBP. Lucky for us, there was a money changing machine tucked away near the exit so we walked over there, now really quite hungry and ready for food. It was broken. Really broken. It was all in Serbian so we weren’t sure if it actually did work and was just being unhelpful but no, a guard said it wasn’t. This was terrible news as the chance of a tasty snack was fading fast however we soon learnt we could pay by card, we just had to ignore the probable and horrendous card charge. Phew. I had a pepperoni baguette and Codie had ham and cheese; they were quite nice but I don’t think they were worth the stress of getting them.

On the plane ready to fly to Abu Dhabi
On the plane ready to fly to Abu Dhabi

Soon it was time to board another plane, another Airbus, and I was surprised at how quickly the time had passed. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t great and there were times when I just wanted to lie on the floor and go to sleep to waste some time but we’d got there and could now continue our journey to Oz. This flight also  seemed to pass quite quickly, for me flights always seem to, but we had another food surprise; yet another lovely free plane meal. Yay! We should have really learnt our lesson the last time as for a second time we’d stuffed ourselves with sandwiches beforehand but you don’t turn away free food! The rest of the flight was really just spent looking out of the window and watching things whilst looking forward to seeing how different Abu Dhabi is to where we’ve come from. On the Airbuses there’s no entertainment systems or anything, you have to amuse yourselves and while it wasn’t a problem on these shorter legs, I could not wait until we got on a ‘proper’ plane so I could follow the tracking system. 

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