Flying on Bikes to Find Flying Foxes

This morning we awoke to the sound of lorikeets outside and lovely rays of sunshine through the blinds. I enjoyed waking up to bird sounds as opposed to the pedestrian crossing beeps and the sound of cars roaming past. After listening for a while and refusing to get up, we decided we needed to pay a visit to Woolworths to stock up on tasty food for the week as as nice as the noodles were, we didn’t fancy living on just them. The owner had told us that the shop was about a 15-20 minute walk down the road and this didn’t seem so bad but it was. It really was. You forget about the impact the bright light and the heat has on you and it made the short walk seem ten times as long. It was really, really horrible. It was nice to see the area in the daylight though with it’s tree lined streets and little fluttering birds.

On our walk
On our trip

After finally arriving at Woolworths, we quickly made our way around the shop gathering lots of yummy things and some Oreo wafers (which are amazing). For a week’s worth of shopping, I think it cost around $40 for the two of us which is nothing at all and I’m enjoying the cheap things around here, it’s like being in the Australian equivalent of Tesco. On the way back to the hostel, I could feel the power of the sun’s rays on my back as it felt like I was being cooked and hoped that the sun lotion we’d slathered on was working!

A little lorikeet
A little lorikeet

Following a little brunch (horrible word) type of snack, we decided to take advantage of the free bikes and go and have a little explore. We’d been told that there was a tree full of bats that I was very keen to see and Codie did too so we wandered over to the shed to select which bikes we wanted. I have to say, I didn’t really want any of them. Some of the tyres were flat, the breaks didn’t work properly on any of them and they could have done with a bit of a clean but I chose number 7, signed out, put on my helmet and off we went. I wobbled along for ages, a bit worried to pick up any speed as I knew full well that the breaks were very unreliable. I got there eventually there and we made it to the cycle path and set off in search of wildlife and interesting things. For ages we couldn’t find the bats at all and at one point Codie thought that a tree with long thin black fruit type things was them which really made me laugh. They’re not that thin! Whilst we were looking we suddenly found ourselves under attack by some magpie type birds that wouldn’t leave us alone. They kept swooping and clicking at us, occasionally making contact with our helmets until we turned around and left the area. A sign informed us that we’d actually passed through their breeding area which is why they were so cross and understandably so and rather than stick around, we headed back in the direction we’d come from.

Having a cycling break
Having a cycling break

A little further and we found a load of lorikeets in the trees and I jumped of the bike to get some photos before we continued on our way. They seemed to like hiding amongst all the leaves which meant it was quite difficult but I got a few good ones eventually. Codie, on the other hand, had found himself at the centre of another bird attack and so we had to leave fairly quickly in case he was mauled. These had a nest with little birds poking their heads out and were very cute but we didn’t want to disturb them too much so left them alone once we noticed. On the way, Codie took a few photos of us using the Go Pro stick which made me laugh so much I wobbled and almost came off and we stopped a few times to look at the beach and the variety of birds scrabbling around. I’m really enjoying seeing how many different birds there are around and I’m really looking forward to seeing a pelican though I’m not entirely sure why!


Finally, we spotted the bats although how we didn’t hear them earlier on I have no idea. As we approached a load of trees, all you could hear was screeching and squawking coming from up above. Looking up, we were faced with trees full of wriggling black lumps, the odd one stretching out their wings or flying off to the next tree. It was amazing to see them all just hanging there as at home you only really tend to see small flashes of black against the sky as they dart past hunting and I didn’t want to leave them. I liked how when they noticed us, they stared down with their eyes wide as if sussing out whether we were a threat and once they’d decided we weren’t, carried on with their naps. It’s funny how different seeing them in the wild is compared to seeing them in the zoo they seem so much happier here and you get to appreciate them a lot more like this though it’s not really an unexpected though, everything’s better in the wild and a lot more exciting.

The lovely beach
The lovely beach

Eventually, we had to leave them to get back for some tea and sleep. We did have another stop a little past the hostel where we parked the bikes up and went for a wander about on the beach which was nice. I’m very conscious that this is the stinger season in Australia and whilst everybody keeps saying it’s only past Agnes Water and not this far down, I’m still a little bit apprehensive about paddling. Plus, there are tiger, bull and great white sharks lurking off the coast so I’ll never been in a huge rush to get into the sea. Instead, we enjoyed paddling through a little pool and looking out to Fraser Island. We’re hoping to go there at some point and with it looking like a ‘proper’ island from here, it should be really good.

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