Meeting Mr Pelican

Still quite shattered from yesterday but keen to go off and have another cycle, we got up, had a quick breakfast and headed off to the shed to collect some bikes. There were none. Not a single one. I suppose that’s the problem of waking up and taking your time to get up on a Saturday though. Ah well. Though we were quite disappointed by this as it meant we didn’t really have much to do, we decided to head to the beach instead and have a wander around there. Despite going to a few beaches on this stretch of coastline, we haven’t actually been on the one right across the road so I suppose it wasn’t a waste of a day at all; we got to see something new still.

Me with Mr Pelican
Me with Mr Pelican

Initially we had planned on perching ourselves down by the sea for a while however the amount of people around there meant it wouldn’t have been much fun so instead we set off towards the bat area. I had my Jaws T-shirt on and received quite a few dirty looks from people as we walked past them though as far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any fatal attacks in Hervey Bay since the 1930s so I don’t know what they’re so bothered about. Perhaps they just think that they’re man-eaters and humans come first which is seemingly the way a surprising amount of people think as is really very sad. I wish people realised that it’s not the sharks that pose the greatest threat, it’s humans and that if you’re entering their domain, you can’t be surprised if anything happens. To me, it’s like if somebody just walked into your house, of course you’d react; perhaps if you knew them it’d be mistaken but you’d have a look. At the Bristol Natural History Consortium we filmed at in June, marine biologist Monty Halls said that when dogs want to warn you or simply see what you are, they nip or have a little lick but sharks can’t do that. If they want to warn you to leave, the only way they can do so is to bite and understandably so. You’re in their ‘house’.

Anyway, we carried on walking down and saw lots of nice shells and bits of coral washed up on the sand thought that can’t be very good. A group of people began cheering a little bit further down and seemed to be pointing up to the sky. We were a bit confused to begin with but as we looked up, we saw a couple of sky divers opening their parachutes and coming into land on the beach. It looked quite fun and they seemed to enjoy themselves but I think if I’d ever do it, I’d like to jump out of a plane in a better location as although I’m sure the views probably nice, I think there might be better ones somewhere else. If you’re paying that much to jump, you may as well make the most of the trip down! There was also a few people paddling and swimming in the sea which surprised me, do they not know about the big sharks in the waters?! It looked very tempting and I’d love to have gone in too but there’s always that part of me that knows what resides in there and stops me. I’d love to see one though, that would be amazing!

Codie with Mr Pelican
Codie with Mr Pelican

A pelican swished past with his wings spread and landed a bit further down from us. I’ve wanted to see one up close for ages so we crept closer and closer and closer until we really were almost stood next to him. I thought he’d be a bit spooked so I had been taking photographs at various stages so as not to miss him however he didn’t seem to care one bit. I suppose he’s used to people now though, on the beach, in the harbour, even out in the open ocean and just isn’t bothered. He did keep eyeing us up though and it was strange to see how yellow the rings around them actually were as I never thought of them as being that colourful at all. Then again, I don’t know much about pelicans in general so it was a nice learning experience and I made the most of every moment we spent near him. In the end, we decided to leave him alone as we didn’t want to agitate him and began to walk away when a man practically walked up to it. I’m all for seeing wild animals in the wild and everything but I do think you need to respect the animals and make sure you’re not disturbing them and he was. You could see the pelican start to panic a bit to the point where it even went for the guy when he finally walked away. Part of me hoped it would nip him but it didn’t as perhaps then he would know to not storm over and approach more carefully! 

Bye Mr Pelican!
Bye Mr Pelican!

Heading back again and I noticed a familiar squawking noise which I recognised to be the fruit bats in the trees. From the beach they just looked like little black specs but you couldn’t miss the racket they were making. I wanted to go back over to see them but I think Codie was a bit reluctant to after the poo incident so we continued on our way, after I’d got a photo of course. We then met a little black dog which was absolutely soaked and insisted on jumping up at us very excitedly.  It was nice to see a happy dog; there’d barely been any in Brisbane so I didn’t mind being covered in sand one bit and he left once his owners called him back. I’m missing cats too but there aren’t any of those around here but I’m not sure why. I think Ginge, the ginger cat we fed in Cardiff, would like it here.

Reading on the beach
Reading on the beach

Climbing back up the stairs off the beach, we found a bench to sit and eat our luncheon meat sandwiches on and enjoyed the shade for a while. There was a line of ants in front of us and so we gave them some sandwich and crisps to watch them carry it off. I don’t think they enjoyed the meat much as they left that but tucked in to the bread and I think I agree with them, it’s not very nice when warm. At this stage, it wasn’t very late at all and we didn’t want to spend the rest of the day in the hostel and instead went back to the beach to sit and read for a while. Codie managed to find a comfy rock, if there is such a thing, to lean on but all I could find was a pointy one. Grrrrr. It wasn’t very comfortable at all and I wasn’t particularly enjoying reading my shark attack book during our ‘relaxing’ sit down one bit but we weren’t there long. The sun was blazing down on us and despite being covered in very sandy sun lotion, it felt like we were turning into lobsters so we got up and went back to the cool air conditioned room instead to read, eat and sleep. 

Today hasn’t been the most action-packed day ever but tomorrow we’re hoping to go to the Reef World aquarium by the harbour so that should be good, providing we get bikes of course! I’m quite enjoying having days of not rushing about and days of doing things so really it’s working out quite well although I’m really looking forward to exploring new places over the next few days when we leave Hervey Bay and travel some more.


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