Tasty Prawns in Hervey Bay

Me and a giant whale
Me and a giant whale

Hooray! We’re off to Fraser Island! I was convinced that there wouldn’t be any spaces left as we wanted to leave quite soon but there was and we’re leaving tomorrow. It’s very exciting. Rather than attempt to book it ourselves, after getting up and dressed, we headed downstairs to see the hostel owner as apparently he knows the best deals. As we got to the office, he told us that another couple were interested too so we all piled into the tiny room to listen. They were only looking at going there for one day due to time restrictions whereas we were quite interested in two days and after seeing the differences in trips, I’m glad we opted for the latter. I think you’d be really missing out otherwise and there’s no point doing that. The Fraser Island Explorer tour was recommended to us due to the fact it goes to Lake Wabby which is apparently amazing and so we booked a 2 day trip with them. With them, you travel around on jacked up buses rather than in 4x4s which wasn’t what I was expecting but it does sound good fun. I’m looking forward to seeing a new part of the world and as the largest sand island, it seems a good place to see.

Codie and a giant whale
Codie and a giant whale

We left the hostel owner still trying to confirm our booking and set off on the bikes to try and find the medicare place. We should probably have tried to sort it earlier but we were having too much fun exploring. Oops. When we made it there, we spoke to a lady who directed us to some seats while we waited to be called to a desk. It was horrible and I felt really uncomfortable sitting there, especially when we were called and the woman was quite abrupt with us. I understand that as part of the Australia Government, they have to uphold certain standards but surely it wouldn’t have been so bad to crack a smile. Eventually, after a bit of confusion with forms we sorted everything out and the cards were ordered to Base in Brisbane. I’m not entirely sure how good that’ll be but since we’re not planning on staying around here for much longer and aren’t sure where’ll we’ll be next, it seemed the best place to send them. It was good to know it’s sorted now though and especially before our Fraser Island trip; who knows what wildlife and things we’ll encounter there!

The first flattering bench...
The first flattering bench…

After leaving here, we hopped on our rickety old bikes and set off in search of the Fraser Coast Discovery Centre. I’d seen it advertised in a few places and then read some glowing reviews of it on Trip Advisor so thought it might be an interesting way to spend a bit of time. Getting there wasn’t the most fun as there were so many roads to cross and wait at in the scorching heat but I’m glad we made the effort to as it was really good. I especially enjoyed the huge life sized humpback whale outside; it really made you realise the sheer size of them! After navigating our way to the desk, we paid for our tickets and headed off into the dark. The eerie sound of whale calls greeting us as we made our way through, reading facts about the species and the specific whales which pass through the area every year. I wondered which whales we’d seen on our trip as it would be nice to think they were some of the regulars but I didn’t have any photos with me so couldn’t compare their fluke prints. I’ll just have to find another way to check. I kept losing Codie as he wandered off, looking at things a lot faster than me but I couldn’t help but spend ages looking at the huge sperm whale skeleton as you don’t get to see them that often! We spent about an hour at the centre reading various facts about the wildlife inhabiting the Fraser coast and meeting some of the various fish as well before deciding to leave to sort some other things out. I could have spent ages and ages in there going around again and again but we really needed to go to the bank and so had to go. When we got outside, I had a quick look in the gift shop (goes without saying really), then we had our pictures taken with the whale statue and two fish themed benches which were quite cool.

...and the second
…and the second

Cycling off towards the bank we went, though at times I was convinced we were going in the wrong direction as the road seemed never-ending. We passed a place selling fresh prawns and I decided then and there I’d be going back as I refuse to pass up the opportunity of fresh, Australian prawns. We did manage to find the bank in the end down a little side street and went inside so I could pay in the English money I’d been carrying around as I didn’t want to end up losing it. The woman was really helpful there and after exchanging my money for dollars in cash so I could easily pay for the Fraser Island trip, she then arranged to cancel our bank cards coming from Brisbane as they were probably lost in the post now and instead sent more to the post office in Cairns. Hopefully we’ll have bank cards soon- it’d make things a lot easier! Codie queued to get some money out of his account so he could pay for the trip too and then we set off in search of something nice to eat on the way back to the hostel.


Of course I ended up with prawns and I’m so glad I did, they were very tasty. The place I went to was a fish and chip shop next to an ice cream shop so we both managed to get sorted together. It took me ages to decide on what to have and I think the woman who served me was getting agitated but I didn’t want to rush and make a mistake. Paying $9 for my food meant I wanted something nice and not something I’d regret having; perhaps I’m being a bit stingy but I like to be sure of these things. Once I’d chosen, paid for and collected my battered king prawns and chips, I headed outside to meet Codie and see what ice cream he’d chosen. It turned out that there was too much choice and he hadn’t yet. I think I’d really struggle with my decisions, everything looked really tasty and I’m not the best at making decisions sometimes. In the end, he opted for watermelon, mint chocolate chip and toffee caramel crunch and when we crossed the road to sit on the benches to eat, I don’t think I’ve seen him grinning that much before.


It must have been nice although watermelon sounds a bit grim to me. As we ate, about 8 ibises crept over to demand some food from us. I gave them a bit of chip which they went mental for and then some magpies arrived as well. The magpies were a little bit cockier though as one landed on the bench next to us and stared until he had his own piece of potato and flew off with it presumably to eat it in peace. I wish I could have! I suppose ibises are a lot like seagulls but a lot more interesting looking and definitely a lot quieter. I hope we get to see more species of birds over the next few days though a dingo will do just fine and a shark would be even better!

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