What’s in Agnes Water?

A beautiful, golden beach stretched as far as we could see, lined with tall dunes and licked by a crystal clear yet aquamarine coloured sea. Agnes Water really did have a tremendous beach and the people in the town were incredibly friendly the only problem was…that was it. 

The beautiful beach
The beautiful beach

Waking up in a room so hot you couldn’t really breathe wasn’t the best way to start the day but it did make us get up for an explore of the area. After getting ready in the quite stinky room (it was horrible), we set off in search of the lovely beaches we’d heard people talking about and the actual centre of the town. We walked for what seemed like ages down the road until we came across a caravan park and an access route to the beach so toddled off down there and were faced with huge ‘WARNING MARINE STINGER’ signs. I hoped to see some of these stingers so I could see what they actually looked like but at the same time, I hoped not too so there was less chance of people being stung. Having said that, if you’ve read the hard-to-miss signs and are still choosing to go into the water then I think you have to take some of the blame if anything happens!

Overlooking the sea
Overlooking the sea

Once we’d made it out of the tree lined path and into the open air, it was clear to see why so many people visit Agnes Water to go surfing. The beach was amazing; azure coloured waters lined by golden sands and it was at this moment that I realised why people were in the water. In a way I wished I was brave enough to jump in and swim but after various holiday injuries in the past, I daren’t! We wanted down the steps to walk along the beach and as we did, came across some washed up creatures from the waters. Cuttlefish, fish, shells, coral and even tiny jellyfish which Codie tried to ‘save’ by flicking them back into the water with a flip flop. I think they were past it though as they’d been baking in the sun for quite a while. As we weren’t going in the sea, there wasn’t actually too much for us to do with us not wanting to bake like the jellyfish and so after a few photographs, we climbed up the burningly hot wooden steps and down Captain Cook Drive (that man really is everywhere!). It was strange how just over the sand dunes was a forest-type area but I suppose that it’ll be even stranger when we travel further up to where there’s actual rainforests on the beach. We walked constantly looking down in case of snakes and then found ourselves in a completely different area to where we’d walked in. Hmmmm.

'Saving' a jellyfish
‘Saving’ a jellyfish

After what seemed like hours of walking down the main road, which was oddly deserted, we arrived back at the familiar shopping area and that’s where it clicked. This was the centre of town. No wonder it seemed so quiet both here and the beach, it’s just a very small town. It’s a nice enough area and the people are so incredibly helpful and friendly but there’s not an awful amount for you to do unless you’re planning on biking or surfing. With this in mind, we visited the local IGA supermarket to pick something up for tea before we headed back to the hostel. Codie was very excited about the cheap and huge white Kit Bar bar we bought and I too be honest, I was too! Australia seems to have much better chocolatey combinations and I’m not sure we’ll be losing any weight when it’s all so cheap!

Looking pretty damn cool in a hat...
Looking pretty damn cool in a hat…

We wandered back to the hostel, made ourselves a little lunchtime snack and of course had some Kit Kat before flopping down in the comfy seating area. Now what? We’d pretty much seen the Town of 1770 in a few hours and now had at least another day until we could leave to discover somewhere new. We decided to go and see whether the hostel would refund us the money we had just paid for tonight and book the greyhound bus to leave for Mackay instead. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting them to as it’s in most places policies that nights are non-refundable with less than 48 hours cancellation notice but thankfully they did! Once that was sorted, the next issue we faced was how late the bus left; 21:10. That meant that we had almost an entire day (it was about 13:00 at this point) spent in the hostel with not much else to do. How fun! Rather than worry about it, we settled down with our laptops to find a hostel for us to stay in in Mackay, did some washing at the launderette down the road and just enjoyed the time we had relaxing. At one point, a parishioner came in to the common area to tell everyone about his church and the free surfing lessons they ran if you visited. He seemed nice enough and a few people seemed interested so he left quite pleased with that. A couple of other people came past asking if we were interested in ‘Scooteroo’ but I think I’d be dangerous on a scooter so it was a definite no! I don’t want another thing to add to my list of falling off. So far that list is comprised of; quad bikes, bikes, toboggans and seaways and that’s enough for me!

Codie waiting to leave lovely Agnes Water
Codie waiting to leave lovely Agnes Water

Despite trying to be optimistic, the day seemed to drag and I was really pleased to have our meal deals from the shop for tea. We had one last night and it was very tasty so I was glad to have another, especially as it broke up the monotony of waiting to leave. Looking around the room, everybody either looked bored or tired so when 21:00 approached and we were getting ready to leave, I couldn’t wait. The staff had offered us a lift to the Greyhound bus stop but as the bus was supposed to be leaving at quarter past nine and they hadn’t appeared at 9, of course I was on edge. When they did show up and we loaded our bags into the minibus, we were quite embarrassed we’d accepted the lift as it turned out the stop was just around the corner. Oh dear. We could have walked it in 5 minutes and there I was, pacing and panicking, worried that we’d miss the bus and have to spend another day in Agnes Water. Ah well, there was no time to be embarrassed as we had to sign in with the bus driver and take our seats for the night time ride. The driver told us that if we were planning on sleeping, we should sit right at the very back as not only did the seats go back, there was loads more leg room too. He was right. We sorted our things out and snuggled down for the journey hoping to get some sleep and dreading our arrival in Mackay at 4:30am…

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