Lazing in the Lagoon

Today we decided to go back into the centre to go and have a look at and a swim in the lagoon. Firstly though, I wanted to go back to the market to have a proper look as I’d missed out on one yesterday. It was just as hot as yesterday but I didn’t care, I was enjoying seeing all the little things people had made to sell there like these tiny little wooden animals. I really wanted to get some but thought they’d get damaged whilst we were travelling about. Instead I settled on buying us both a handmade bracelet from a really friendly man who looked delighted we were buying something. It took a while for us to choose as there were so many lovely ones but in the end Codie chose a yellow and blue weaved one and I went for a red coloured one with shells threaded onto it. I’m not sure how strict customs are in taking things like shells out of the country but I hope that I’ll be able to. Once they were sorted, we headed off to find the lagoon and passed the line of camels walking across the beach. There was a tiny baby one at the back which looked as though he was being trained for the camel rides and to get used to people. I probably should have mentioned that yesterday, they weren’t just camels wandering around the beach, they were camels being used for rides and I quite fancied a go. I think it’s probably nicer to go somewhere where camels are more associated with that place though and so I carried on walking.

The Airlie Beach lagoon
The Airlie Beach lagoon

The lagoon was really pretty and so much better than the one at Mackay but I think that it was down to the location more than anything else. Unlike in Mackay which was tucked down a path, this one was overlooking the cove and had wonderful views of the ocean and the whitsunday islands. I could barely hold Codie back, he’s like a little child when it comes to pools and just wants to jump in straight away. So off we went, wading into the water and were pleasantly surprised at how beach like it all was with the sand lining the fake shore and the gentle slope into the pool. I love that Australia has so many free pools, it’s great if where you’re staying doesn’t have one to cool down in and they always have really friendly atmospheres. It’s also probably helps them keep down the number of stinger/croc/shark/stonefish too and that’s good for everyone! Unfortunately Codie had forgotten his goggles but he still managed to swim about underwater anyway and kept making me time how long he could stay underwater for whilst holding his sunglasses. Not quite the relaxing swim I’d anticipated but I did enjoy his spluttery, confused face whenever he came back up.

After we’d spent ages and ages in the pool, it was time to get out for a read and a dry on the sand where we’d laid out our towels. Sand always seems a great idea until you come to lie down and then it’s stuck to you, it’s on the towel and it’s stuck in the sun lotion so every time you rub it on, it’s like being brushed with sand paper. I’m not sure we’ll be sitting there again any time soon! I was enjoying reading my shark attack book on my Kindle when Codie wanted to get back in the pool for another swim. I was a bit reluctant to initially as it meant all my drying was for nothing but it was a hot day and it was very inviting so off we went, back into the water though. We weren’t as long this time and soon got back out, slightly dried off and headed back to the hostel for a lovely, salt water free shower. I do like saltwater because it reminds of being in the sea, which is always nice, but it doesn’t half sting scratched mozzie bites!

Before we indulged in a shower, we went for a walk to the shop just down the road to see what tasty snacks they had there and ended up with some chocolate and sausages for tea. It was whilst we were in the shop that Codie discovered he’d actually got quite burnt and was now glowing quite a bright shade of red. Oh dear. I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later and we’re just going to haver to be really-very-extra-super careful from now on to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The UV rays are just too strong here to risk it. Once we’d got back to the teepee  and he covered himself in Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel to try and reduce the burning, I went to start tea and make the sausages in the pan (we didn’t have a frying pan). Straight away I knew it wasn’t going to go well as me and sausages just don’t work. They were sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning until they were black. By the time Codie came to the kitchen, the

Rain, rain, rain
Rain, rain, rain

inside of them was raw and the outside now a coal-coloured black. I’d given up at this point and encouraged him to just throw them away but nope, he was determined to make them work and ended up burning the pan even more. Hmmmm. Now what to do. The sausages were abandoned and the pot dragged over to the sink to be washed so we could have a nutritious tea of noodles instead. Hardly what I was expecting but by the time they were ready, I was starving and happy to eat whatever. I don’t think I’ll ever look at sausages in the time way again. I think I’d go so far as to say I hate them now.

Back in the teepee we got everything ready to shower and walked over to the block when it started to rain. I didn’t think much of it until I came out and it was absolutely pouring down! By the time I’d got back, there was no point having dried myself as I was now soaked again. I didn’t care at all though, I love the rain and it was great to hear on the rood. Once warm and dry and thankful that there were more of the pizza flavoured shapes left, we sorted everything out and snuggled down for the night with Codie slathered in more aloe vera gel. I’m enjoying getting to watch things at night again as I’ve whizzed through so many books, I’ve pretty much run out and can’t afford to buy any more just yet! Not entirely sure what we’ll be up to tomorrow but Airlie Beach is such a nice place to just hang around in, I don’t think we’ll have to do much to enjoy ourselves and see new things.

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