A Relaxing Day With Added Birds And Bugs

My lovely sarong

As expected, we didn’t do much today as for some reason we’re shattered and just want to laze around the pool instead. I suppose it’s not a bad thing and taking in your surroundings in a relaxed way isn’t a terrible way to do things, I just don’t want to be doing it all the time. Once we’d piled out of the teepee to get some fresh air, we decided to go to the kitchen and make boiled eggs for breakfast. Yum. I love a good boiled egg and I was just in the mood for one or two especially when we have halloween party plates to eat them off! Sadly though, it was all a disappoint due to the terrible toast and horrible butter we had though the eggs were tasty if not a little watery. A disappointing breakfast is a bad way to start the day so after pasting ourselves in sun lotion, we headed off back to the lagoon determined to improve it somewhat.

Just like yesterday, we headed back to the market first as I’d given in and wanted to buy a sarong. I justified it to myself by saying it’ll be so much easier at the pool and the beach to just shove it on rather than getting changed properly but it’s so nice, I don’t think I want it getting full of sand. Damn you sand. As we approached the stall, I was faced with a huge dilemma; the green gecko one or the blue turtle one. Hmmmm. I like blue but I like geckos. Why was it so hard?? Codie was no help either in deciding so in the end I went for the gecko one influenced by the little friendly gecko living in the teepee. I really wanted to wear it straight away but instead decided to save it for a ‘special’ occasion (like you do) and put it away in my bag.

Lovely evening
Lovely evening

The rest of the day was really just taken up by bobbing around in the lovely, crystal clear pool and people watching- always a good afternoon activity to partake in. It was nice just to lie back at look up at the palm trees and all the little birds fluttering overhead though I am looking forward to do something a little bit more adventurous soon. After a couple of hours we were starting to overheat a little bit and didn’t want Codie to burn again so packed up our things and went to the bus stop to get the bus back. Ok so perhaps we could have walked back and done something a little bit more lively with our day but we were so relaxed and comfortable, it was nice to just be delivered back. I have to admit, though, I did feel a bit guilty not walking especially as we can’t exactly use the beautiful weather as an excuse so I imagine we’ll have a little walk soon. At least we can say that the public transport around here is amazing!

Making tea
Making tea

Back in the teepee and after a little look at the feeding lorikeets squawking at each other on the way past, we decided to go to the shop down the road to get some mince for tea. (There see, we did do some walking!) The plan was to make a sort of mince and noodles combination in a bid to eat some meat and be full at the same time so off we went down the road. I really like this little walk as there are big sulphur crested cockatoos swooping down to the palm trees lining the road though you really do have to be careful to avoid being taken our by the falling coconuts. I suppose it makes things more interesting though perhaps not if you are hit as they plummet to the ground at quite a speed! When we reached the shop, we succeeded in finding some not-too-expensive mince and some not-too-expensive sauce and went back to the park to put it all together. In the short amount of time we were away, the cockatoos had headed off for the night leaving us with the sound of the lorikeets echoing through the trees instead. I can imagine at night when the main road gets a lot quieter, it gets quite creepy with everything rustling around but we’re always so sleepy, we don’t tend to notice though it’s probably a good thing! I know it’s mind over matter in situations like that but knowing that there really could be things creeping around outside would set the cogs in my mind whirring and I’d end up listening out for them all night.

In our nets
In our nets

Tea was surprisingly nice and not what I expected cheesy mince and noodles to taste like. We had made a little bit too much though so it took us absolutely ages to eat and I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it. It was quite a challenge making it to the shower and back to the teepee and once everything was finally sorted, we collapsed onto the bed wrapped up in our sleeping bag liners and with our heads on our jumper pillows. Ahhhhh, time to sleep. I closed my eyes listening to the sounds of the birds and rain dripping onto the roof….but it was completely dry outside. How strange! I looked around and saw loads of little bugs ricocheting off the tent walls and dropping on to the bed. Hmmm. Now we both knew that neither of us would sleep knowing that there was a possibility of bugs dropping into our mouths so I got up and dug out the head fly nets I’d packed just in case. We looked incredibly attractive. Still, it was better than a bug breakfast so after the obligatory photo of us looking stunning, we led back down to try and sleep. I hoped nothing would bite it’s way through the net in the night and nibble my face but blocking the thought from my mind, I rolled over and snuggled up ready for another fun-filled day. It hadn’t been the 5th November I’m used to with bonfires, fireworks and delicious pulled pork sandwiches but it was lovely all the same and I’m now looking forward to seeing what Christmas will be like!

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