A Day Of Whistling Ducks And A Long Awaited Feast

With the whistling ducks
With the whistling ducks

After all the fun of the falling bugs last night, we had another day just hanging around sorting various things out and enjoying the wildlife around the holiday park. Once we’d had a toasty breakfast in the kitchen area, we got our laptops from the tent and sat at the tables with the whistling ducks waddling around us. With their name, I really wanted them to actually whistle but they just pecked around at our feet for any crumbs they could get their beaks on before hurrying off to see what there was elsewhere. Despite not getting up to much other than scouring the internet and guide books for things to do as we travel further up the coast, the day seemed to rush by and before long it was time for us to find something for tea. I enjoyed just sitting and watching all the birds fluttering around us like the sulphur crested cockatoos and the noisy little lorikeets. You can always tell when it gets to 3pm as they all flutter down to the bird tables to feast on their milky bread and the entire place just seems to clear. I bet if you couldn’t hear them screeching at each other, you’d really wonder what was going on as it becomes so eerie and weird!

So much chicken!
So much chicken!

With rumbling tummies, we decided to walk to the shop to buy some chicken to cook on the BBQ. We haven’t been able to use it so far as it’s either been being used by someone else or we haven’t managed to get it working. It’s not a trip to Australia unless you take advantage of all the BBQs so tonight was definitely the time to start doing! We managed to buy a pack of chicken drumsticks for about $5 and wandered back to the kitchen area to see if we could make it worse this time. We were both absolutely ravenous by this time and just couldn’t wait for something yummy to munch on. It was quite busy when we got back but luckily the BBQ was free and so Codie wandered over to turn it on whilst I found us somewhere to sit. Just like the day had done, the time flew by and an hour later we were both sitting down….

…still hungry. The plate hadn’t heated up at all and so we were still waiting to cook our chicken. Grrrrrr. By this point, my stomach felt as though it was about to start digesting itself and raw chicken started to look like a much better option that waiting any longer. Codie got up to double check the instructions again and then suddenly started laughing. Feeling quite cross due to my hunger, I didn’t know what was so funny at all until he pointed at the words “When light is on, BBQ is off”. Oh dear. There were two lights on it which had confused us! By the time we’d managed to do cook it, it was 10:40pm so when we finally got to eat our chicken and noodle concoction, it was time for bed.


Tomorrow we’re going to have all the fun of moving from our cosy little tee-pee to a hostel closer to the town centre called ‘Backpackers in the Bay’. It looks really nice and it’s had excellent reviews, I’m just hoping that it’ll be just as exciting as here. I’ve really been enjoying our time at this resort as there are so many opportunities to see so much wildlife whilst relaxing in the sunshine so I really hope there’ll be loads to see there too. For now though, I’m going to sit back in the tent, wrap myself in my sleeping bag liner and settle down to listen to the creatures outside, just making the most of what we have now.

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