A Swim in the Pool + A Free BBQ (Sausage Sizzle) = A Good Day in Cairns

Relaxing by the pool in the hot sun and then munching on a free BBQ followed by a film. It’s not been a taxing day today in Cairns but somehow, I’m still tired!

After a lovely lie in this morning, we decided to just spend the day lazing around in the hostel sorting things out and generally just having a nice laid back day. Some people we’ve spoken to both in Australia and online seem to be of the impression that unless you’re constantly busy doing things all the time, then you’re not properly travelling but in my personal opinion, they couldn’t be more wrong. I think if you take your time in different places and just spend some time soaking up the atmosphere and don’t constantly feel as though you need to be up to things all the time then you have a much better experience. I don’t think I’d have the energy to constantly be doing things all the time and so a lot of the time, I’d find myself wanting whatever activities we were doing to end just so I could have a rest. I would much rather spread things out to really make sure I got the most out of everything instead of rushing. Who actually enjoys rushing?!

Anyway, we spent our morning sitting on the sofas, enjoying the weather and catching up on our blogs. As the afternoon progressed, however, the humidity just seemed to shoot up and it got to the stage when we just weren’t able to sit down any longer so we went to put more sun lotion and then headed downstairs to the pool. It’s lovely to be staying at a hostel where the pool is actually nice and you aren’t swimming around in cloudy water. That’s never nice and I dread to think what lurks beneath all the swimmers! This pool was perfect and just the right temperature to cool us down but not freeze us either. We ended up staying in there for about an hour messing about enjoying the day. Well I say messing about; I was trying to seriously swim but Codie kept asking me to watch him blowing bubble rings and diving underwater. It really made me laugh how excited he gets as soon as he puts on his goggles, it’s like watching a child! In the end, it got a little bit too full to swim about without being splashed or hit by a flailing arm and so we decided to get out and go for showers. I would have liked to have stayed in longer I think and I know Codie definitely would’ve so it was quite annoying that we had to leave but there’s always tomorrow and I’m sure we’ll end up back in there soon!

At exactly 5pm, the free BBQ was ready and we were all called up to form a queue. Now freshly showered and ready for food we’d been sat at the tables waiting and were quite eager to eat so leapt up straight away. Once we’d shown our keys and had selected which salads we wanted, we were given two sausages each and after a squirt of sauce, went to sit back down. Hooray for free food! It’s always good when you’re given the opportunity not to have to make food and I was very grateful for it. However, I don’t think it’s fair to call things like this “BBQs” when they only serve sausages. No! They’re not BBQs at all, they’re sausage sizzles! Grrrrrrr. I was in the mood for a nice juicy burger or a piece of chicken not just sausages! Of course it was free and they were very tasty and some people don’t get to eat at all so I can’t complain at all really but I just want to put it out there; sausages do not make a BBQ.

After demolishing the sausages and still feeling quite hungry, we decided to go for a little wander to Woolworths to invest in some snacks. I’m really going to miss that chain when we get back to the UK; everybody seems to think that Australian food is so expensive but it really isn’t at all. We ended up with a big bag of crisps and a chocolate bar each for about £2 whereas it would cost almost double that at home. Ok, so they weren’t the healthiest of snacks but who cares, “we’re on our holidays!” We’ll just have to make sure we eat better over the next few days instead. When we got back to the hostel after a lovely walk back and watch of the fruit bats flying overhead we found that they were putting another film on, Draft Day and settled down on the sofas to watch it. I’m not exactly a fan of American football or any sport at all really but I wasn’t expecting to like the film Pacific Rim much and I did so decided to give it a chance. It was actually alright and I quite enjoyed it but I don’t think it’s a film I’d watch again. It was so football-focussed that I didn’t have a clue what was going on half of the time and ended up having to read the plot on wikipedia instead!

So yeah, it’s not been the busiest of days but it’s been nice to have a relax and just appreciate being in Cairns. Staying in one place for a while and taking your time means you really get a feel of what it’s like to live there and I have to say, so far it seems like a lovely place. I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to cope with the heat or the humidity for too long but the general atmosphere is so laid back that you just can’t help but enjoy yourself. It’s off to bed for us now in perhaps the nicest hostel room ever but I’m looking forward to seeing what we do tomorrow and hope that it’s just as good as today has been.

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