Splish, Splash, Splosh: Another Pool Day in Cairns

It’s December! Time to start counting down to Christmas and munching on cheap advent calendar chocolates. Yum, yum, yum. It was a bit strange waking up and eating chocolate in the heat of the sun and not in the heat of the fan heater on the floor of the kitchen but chocolate is chocolate and it was still very tasty. I haven’t been paying much attention to Christmas with us being over here as I juts don’t think it’ll be the same or as good being so far away from everyone but today has made me think about it a bit. It’ll definitely be strange not eating wrapped up nice and toasty, instead trying not to be toasty and not seeing everybody will also be weird but it’ll definitely be different and good in a very different way. Besides, there are worse places to spend it than lovely old Cairns!

Just like yesterday, we didn’t have much planned other than to just enjoy ourselves so to try and cool down we chose to wander over to the lagoon to spend a while there. We’re hoping to go to Port Douglas for a few days soon so we should be quite busy then and don’t want to tire ourselves out beforehand. A pool day seemed like the perfect plan. However, when we reached it we discovered that any thoughts of it being “relaxing” flew away in an instant. It was packed! Children were running around screaming, adults were shouting and trying to catch them whilst people splashed about in the pool. Hmmm. Not quite what we’d been expecting but it was a ridiculously hot day so we decided to give it a go anyway. After making sure that all our sun lotion had soaked in, nobody wants to get sunburnt, we carefully stepped across the sand and into the cold water. Splish! Splash! Splosh! Water went in my eyes, up my nose and into my mouth. Ew. It seemed as though nowhere was safe away from splashing toddlers. With so many people in there I hated to think what was drifting about and had just filled my face so I after a quick bob about, we got out and dried off. Hmmmm. Not all what I had in mind when we decided to have a little swim but I didn’t want to get ill from dirty water so was quite happy to have a bit of a lie down on the grass.

Lying down looking up at the blue sky and watching the planes fly over from Cairns airport, I wondered where they were all heading. As much as I like Cairns, I’ve been enjoying travelling around different places so I’m starting to feel a little bit restless. I’m all for taking your time to appreciate places fully, just as I said yesterday, but being able to leave whenever you decided is also very fun too. I’m pretty sure that once we start doing more things again, I’ll really start to enjoy Cairns; I’ve just had my relaxing time and I’m ready to do more. Once we’d dried off and warmed up a bit from the cool breeze blowing over us, we packed up and set off back to the hostel. By this time we were absolutely starving so called into Woolworths to have some more dim sums (the tastiest things ever!) and to pick up something for tea. I’m really starting to crave vegetables and fruit now, probably from all the yummy crisps and things we’ve had so I bought some grapes and Codie got a 1/4 of watermelon. Finally, some healthy food to enjoy! Pasta and noodles are all well and good and may fill you up for barely anything but you tend to spend most of your time feeling a bit sick and bloated. For the sake of about £1, it’s not worth it at all and I’m going to try and make sure we keep it up.

When we got back to the hostel, tired from fighting the humidity and the heat, we decided to sit under the giant fan to cool down a bit and get things sorted for the next few days. We ended up going to book another night here as it’s just too good a place to leave, especially for the price. I have a feeling that when we leave Cairns, we’re going to be a bit shocked at the cost of living compared to it! The woman at reception seemed a bit annoyed that we wanted to stay for longer as it meant that we had to change rooms. I don’t understand why it bothered her though; we were the ones having to pack up all our things and they were still being paid just the same as if we were new guests. Ah well, at least we get another nice night here. Room sorted, we headed back to the pool to have a decent swim and so Codie could bob about underwater again. As usual I had to abandon my swimming to watch him but it was quite funny filming him jumping in with the Go Pro and popping back up looking shocked at the water in his face. Hehehe. A couple of underwater bubble rings and spinning about sessions later and it was starting to get a bit nippy with the clouds covering the sky so we got out and went for showers. I loved that our room was right next to the pool as it meant that we could walk straight in and be warm. Dripping water all over the place perhaps wasn’t the best thing ever but Codie made a good job of rushing about mopping it all up so it wasn’t a problem.

Now clean and dry, it was time for tea and all the fun of the busy kitchen. Luckily our food didn’t take too long to make and so we munched it and then sat outside with our fruit. Watching Codie attacking his melon with a knife was so, so funny; it looked like he was trying to kill it! I was washing up when I first saw him stabbing it and couldn’t help but laugh and got some weird looks from people standing next to me. I seem to be getting quite a few strange looks at the moment. I think it’s because they don’t have the same sense of humour as me so don’t understand what I find funny. Or it could just be that they don’t laugh at anything at all. Hmmm. That’d be quite a miserable existence I should think. I would hate to end up like that and I refuse to. Never ever will I ever stop laughing at a little dog wearing a hat or a cat knocking things off a desk. Never will I stop laughing at Codie thinking a cardboard owl was real or at myself for walking into things. Not being able to laugh would effectively mean not being able to enjoy anything at all and I couldn’t live like that and never, ever will do.

We hung around outside for a little bit longer and managed to find somewhere to stay in Port Douglas when we head up there on Wednesday. It looks really, really nice and quite posh so not what we’ve been used to at all! Of course they could just been very well edited photographs but we’re in a double room with a TV and that is something to look forward to. If we’re going to be busy during the day then it’s lovely to think we’ve got something nice to go back to and I cannot wait. Time to sleep now I think as we’re off on a free trip to Ellis Beach tomorrow and I want to make sure I really make the most of it. I’ve enjoyed being able to spend another day laying about and not doing too much but I’m ready for more and tomorrow is a very good place to start.

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