Moving and Munching

After waking up just after 9 and quickly throwing the remainder of my together, I hoisted my rucksack onto my shoulders and grabbed the camera bag. It was time for us to move back to The Jack and although it was a bit disappointing having to leave the comfort of The Northern Greenhouse for a few nights, I was quite looking forward to the free meals and the wonderful view from the balcony. We checked out, handed back our keys and then set off down the road in the blazing hot sun. I think the temperature was about 29C by 10 and the humidity was nearing 80% so I was more than grateful that we didn’t have too far to walk. I think if it had been any further away we would have melted!

When we got to The Jack, as with most hostels we’ve stayed in, we weren’t able to check in straight away and so had to throw our things into the luggage room. Rather than hanging around we thought we’d go and satisfy our hunger by paying a trip to Woolworths to indulge in more of those very yummy dim sums which are probably the most unhealthiest things ever but so, so good you just can’t resist them. Codie’s had proper ones in Hong Kong and I imagine they’re so much better there. I really am quite jealous at that but sitting on a bench overlooking the sea, enjoying the laid back atmosphere of Cairns isn’t exactly a terrible way to eat them! After a little while we picked up the rest of our shopping and wandered back in to check in and see which room we’d be given this time. I hoped it wouldn’t be as hot or sweaty as last time however at $19 per night including a free cooked meal, you can’t really complain!

About an hour later we found ourselves sitting on the balcony overlooking the streets of Cairns in the beautiful Queensland sun. I sat back and took in my surroundings. As nice as The Northern Greenhouse was, it was nice to be back somewhere with such a nice views and a bit more of an upbeat atmosphere. I suppose that’s what comes with staying above a pub. We’d been given quite a good room as it although it was an 8 bed, only 3 other people had checked in so we were able to get both a top and bottom bunk. It’s always nice to get a bottom bed as it means you can wrap hang up a sheet and make your own little private room type of thing for getting changed in. However, being on the top means you’re a little bit more exposed; f somebody comes in late at night then you’re just faced with being blinded by the light and having the listen to them stumbling around. That’s never a fun situation if you’re trying to sleep, unless of course you’re the one stumbling around.

We spent a while on the balcony but it got to the stage when we were beginning to cook a bit so decided to head back over to the lagoon for a bit to cool off. I really do love the fact that Australia has these free swimming pools, they’re just so useful if you don’t have one where you live or are staying especially in this heat. I think I’ve said it before but I reckon that if they had them in the UK, they’d end up covered in graffiti or would constantly be in the news because of drownings or something. It really is a shame but then again, Britain just doesn’t get the same heat like here so it’s not really as much of a big deal. Anyway, when we reached the pool we found a shady patch in amongst all the sunbathers, it really is quite a rarity, and after making sure we were definitely covered in sun lotion, headed in for a swim. It was still quite busy in there and yet again I found myself being splashed in the face. Grrrrrrr. Not wanting to spend too much longer in there I got out and ended up spending most of my time reading on my kindle and watching the planes take off. I love little moments like that, just getting to sit and appreciate being in Australia. After a few hours relaxing and looking for crocodiles over the wall (they weren’t there-at least not visible to us) it was time to head back for showers and our free tea.

Tea was absolutely amazing tonight. Absolutely amazing. So amazing in fact that we paid the $3 dollars each to double the portions; half of what we ended up with just wasn’t enough! It was pork chops on creamy mash potatoes accompanied by peas and covered in the tastiest gravy ever. After a couple of days living off pasta it was a lovely change and for what we paid, about £1.50, we got so much for nothing. I still can’t get over how yummy it was! As you can imagine, it didn’t take us too long to munch and within 20 minutes it had all gone. Delicious. I wanted to go out and have another look at the fruit bats flying overhead, there are hundreds of them and they’re so fascinating to see but taking photos was quite difficult due to the low light. Grrrrrr. I had a few attempts but the darkness fell so quickly that they were beginning to just turn into grainy lumps in the sky; I ended up just watching them swooping about instead. I find it really hard to understand why so many people don’t seem bothered about them at all and don’t even glance up to see them ducking and diving about. They’re such intriguing creates and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing them. There are so many interesting animals so close to us and yet so many people don’t seem to notice them or care. It’s something I find quite sad. High rise buildings have sprung up all over the place and houses are sprawled over the land forcing wildlife to adapt and face so many unforeseen problems but they often go ignored. Possums wander around the streets and lorikeets flutter about without so much as a second glance. Perhaps it’s because I’m from the UK where things like that don’t wander around but I still like looking at the seagulls and things so I think I’d enjoy seeing native Australian animals on a daily basis too. Ah well. Who knows? I just think that it’s time people stopped looking down at their phones all the time and just took the time to get to know what’s around them instead. The amount of times I’m watching a bird pecking crumbs off a table or staring at trees instead of looking where I’m going it’s surprising I haven’t gone head first over something!

Back in the room and we sat up on the top bunk for a while trying to plan our trip on the SkyRail. It looks really, really cool and it’s something we definitely didn’t want to miss out on however getting to the departure station was proving to be a bit of a problem. If we were able to get there ourselves it’d cost $73 each for a return trip on the cableway but if not, it cost $96. Seemed a bit of a rip off really. I spent ages trying to find a cheap way to get there on the public bus whilst trying not to used up our wifi allowance (they’re a bit stingy with it here!) but it just seemed too much hassle. We ended up paying the $96 each just to get it sorted and to just take the stress out of the day. I’m all for doing as much as you can by yourself because I think it’s not only more exciting, you get more out of things too but it just gets to the point when it’s makes things to difficult. I’d much prefer to go out and enjoy the day without worrying. I’m really looking forward to going on the trip as it’s supposed to be one of the most incredible ways to see the rainforest. I’ve been on one before in Austria and that was amazing so I’m hoping it’ll be just as good there. I’m sure it will be , anything with trees and wildlife aways is. Now I’m hope we get to see more of those naughty and loud cockatoos and perhaps some beautiful butterflies too.

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