Leaving the Daintree

Temperature: 32C

Humidity: 59%

After waking up at about 7:00am, we quickly packed everything and got ready to leave the Crocodylus resort and head back to Cairns. I really didn’t want to leave the rainforest but we needed to return the car before half 11 and I was looking forward to reaching some easily accessible water and food again. To be honest, the lack of signal and wifi wasn’t really a problem at all as although we briefly used it in Cape Trib Beach House, I found that I really enjoyed not being able to look on Facebook all the time but it did get a bit hard when trying to look up what a certain animal was. The managers of the resort said they’d be open at 7:30 when we wanted to leave but they weren’t immediately and so we shoved everything in the car first then went back and waited a little bit. I have to say, the way the paying operates here is really good as you have a tab and just pay for everything at the end rather than having to pay using cash or card on little, tiny things. Apparently, they even do it with tours though I don’t know as we didn’t book any there but it does make things a lot easier. We’d spent a whole $2.50 on a can of coke on top of the room prices of $25 pp so about £28 altogether which wasn’t bad at all for the free wildlife experience we’d got for free. I actually wish that we’d stayed here for longer as opposed to visiting Cape Trib Beach House and Koala Daintree; as nice as the beach house was, it wasn’t as “jungley” as I’d have liked though Griff the goanna was a plus.

At about 7:40am, we left Crocodylus and headed off back towards the Daintree ferry after setting up the Go Pro to record a time lapse of the trip back. The space on the memory card had run out on the way and hadn’t managed to capture the proper rainforesty bits but this time the card was empty and would hopefully show the variety of the areas we travelled through on the way. Driving at this time of the morning was a lovely experience as the roads were still relatively quiet and the sunlight bathing the trees looked really pretty however all too soon we reached the river and boarded just in time for the next crossing, leaving the remoteness of the rainforest behind. On the other side we passed through the same beautiful countryside we saw on the way, this with an added train and lots more eagles and then diverted off back to Port Douglas to visit the lookout post over Four Mile Beach. I’d wanted to visit it whilst we were staying there but after seeing how steep and how far uphill it actually was, I was more than happy to have waited! Whilst we would have struggled to walk up it in the blazing sun and sticky heat, we met an oldish man at the top who walks up there twice a day with his wife and he didn’t seem to struggle at all. I have to say, I am quite jealous. We took a few photos of the view then hopped back in the car to continue the journey and stop off at another point with another fabulous view.

The next look out point was overlooking more beaches with Double Island in the background and was just as amazing. Instead of the full sun we’d had in Port Douglas, however, it was really cloudy and stormy look which meant that every now and again, a patch of sunlight would light up the sea and make it glisten. I had a little look for dolphins but nobody seems to really bother about them this far up so I’m not sure there even are any. There are definitely sharks and turtles though but I didn’t see any of them either. This lookout was full of tourists so we didn’t stay too long and once we’d had a good look, we set off yet again. We were doing alright for fuel and hadn’t needed to fill up the whole trip although it was getting close with 56 miles left. Suddenly, the mile counter flashed off and we needed to get some more petrol as soon as we could. This was easier said than done though as the sat nav on my iPad said to turn off when we didn’t need to and we ended up in a retail park and then subsequently at McDonalds. It was before 10:30 so we had the choice from the breakfast range and went for 2 Deluxe Brekkie rolls. In theory they sounded amazing with egg, sausage, cheese, tomato and bacon on a fluffy roll but ,after forcing mine down, I felt quite queasy so much so I couldn’t eat for the rest of the day and now even the thought of it makes me feel ill.  I think Codie enjoyed his though as it barely took him any time to demolish it!

Almost an hour early for the car to be returned, we arrived at Apex Car rentals and began making sure we had everything together before heading inside to claim the deposit back. The car was really quite dirty after it’d be taken down a few dusty, dirt tracks but they didn’t seem to mind and even said that they’d seen cars that had changed colour with muck. Once all that was sorted, it was time to head back to the Jack and hope that there was space for us in a dorm as it was Saturday and places fill up quite fast. After being dropped off just outside, Codie went into the reception to enquire whilst I stood outside with everything and saw the happiest policeman ever wandering down the road. I don’t quite know why they are always so smiley in this heat, if I had to wear a uniform in this humidity I think I’d either look very cross or wouldn’t be walking at all! Luckily for us, there was space and we opted for a 4 bed dorm to see if it was any quieter and it was, just unbearably hot as well due to the air con not working properly. The staff told us it was because the window was open but it wasn’t, it was just rubbish. We were sharing a room with two German guys who had been in Cairns for two days and seemed nice enough though they had the two bottom bunks and so we had to have the top ones. I hoped they would be quiet later on as without being able to hang sheets around the bed, the lights and noise seem a lot worse but then again, the heat wasn’t going to be great at all.

Rather than staying in the hostel all day, we went to Woolworths to stock up on bottled water and indulge in a Mars bar. It’s always nice going there as they have the most amazing air conditioning so it’s like walking into a fridge. As our electrolytes have suffered the past few days so we also got Powerade drinks fresh from the fridge to cool ourselves down with. I don’t think the drinks made it back to the hostel we were that thirsty! We always seem to be at Woolworths at the moment but everything is that cheap, you can fill yourself up for barely anything and that’s always good! After that lovely trip, we ended up sitting in the boiling heat in the TV room for a bit, moving outside for a bit of a breeze and then going back into the room in the hope that the air con would have kicked in. It had, a bit, and we perched ourselves on the top bunks where I read a book by Steve Irwin’s wife, Terri Irwin. I remember watching the Crocodile Hunter Diaries when I was little so it was interesting to see what it was like to make although predictably it had a very sad ending. I had actually bought the book on my kindle for something to read before bed but I ended up reading it all before then as it was so good.

Tea was at 6 on the balcony instead of the restaurant area as there were functions going on and unsurprisingly they didn’t want a load of backpackers interfering. This actually worked out quite well as although it meant we didn’t get to sit in the nice cool bit, as some of the first people up for the buffet, we managed to get a fair bit and I even struggled to finish it! It was a pizza and pasta buffet but the girl serving didn’t give us pizza like those in front of us so we helped ourselves instead (hehehe); well we didn’t want too miss out! We would have been two unhappy little porker pigs. I didn’t fancy heading straight back to the room and we couldn’t stay due to the lack of seating so we ended up going back to Woolworths in the hope of the value crisps. Instead we came back with bananas so not a bad shop really; we might even end up eating healthily with fruit this cheap.

Back in the hostel and it was time for showers and more reading before eventually the other two people came back to the room. We ended up watching a bit of TV on the laptop before trying to settle down in the absolutely unbearable heat and the beds being shoved around from the slightest bit of movement from any one underneath. It really wasn’t the best night at all and I’m just hoping the next room will have properly working air con. Or it rains. There’s nothing better than cooling rain….

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