The Bus of Pain

Today really hasn’t been one of my favourite days in New Zealand as we’ve spent 11 hours of it sitting on a bus on the way from Wellington to Auckland. If we were travelling on the Greyhound buses in Australia, I don’t think it’d have been too bad at all; I like the opportunities you … More The Bus of Pain

Seals, Splashes and Sinking: Our Trip Back To Wellington

“Abandon ship! Abandon ship! This is the call to abandon ship immediately!”. Everybody glanced around the room, judging other peoples’ reactions and deciding what to do. Lying back on the lovely comfy seat, I carried on reading my book and snuggled up into my lovely warm fleece. You might think that that’s a bit of … More Seals, Splashes and Sinking: Our Trip Back To Wellington

To Rotorua!

Eggs…rain…eggs…rain; these are the sights and smells I encountered upon first arrival in Rotorua. Hmmmm. Perhaps not quite the introduction to the town I had imagined but it seems like a lovely place and I’m looking forward to getting to know it better. * * * * * * Waking up at 8:30am to the … More To Rotorua!

A Day In Auckland

People quickly crossing in front of you, shouting across to each other and quite clearly in a hurry. I was well aware that as a city, Auckland was a busy place but I hadn’t quite expecting it to be this bad! After waking up and checking out of the alright but-not-the-best hostel by 10am, we … More A Day In Auckland